Hollywood or Hollyweed? A group of stanky vandals have started Los Angeles’ 2017 on a high note

The world famous ‘Hollywood’ sign which stands tall upon Mt. Lee has been amended in a New Years’ prank, reading ‘Hollyweed’ on January 1st 2017.

While California state businesses aren’t legally allowed to sell recreational marijuana until January 2018, a group of handy vandals have taken it upon themselves to show their excitement for the coming legislation.

It’s never been a secret that California residents are fans of the sticky icky. They’ve long remained one of the most progressive US states in terms of medicinal marijuana legislation, and a recent vote has seen that policy extend into recreational territory.

Since it was erected in 1923, the famous sign has been altered a number of times. However most surprisingly this isn’t the first time it’s read ‘Hollyweed’. In 1976 the exact same form of vandalism occurred – down to the technique.

Check out the old-school edition below.

hollyweed 1976

Via Billboard.

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