The Aesthetic Benefits of Structural Steel

Steel is beautiful stuff to build with. Watching a building come together, whether it’s a residential dwelling or a commerical structure, is thrilling, and while there are a plethora of elements that go into the process, structural steel plays a most important role in shaping aesthetics. There are many benefits of building a steel framed house or commercial structure, but we want to take a moment to consider the aesthetic benefits of structural steel.


When it comes to aesthetics, steel is incredibly versatile. From the most basic structures to complex and ornate designs, steel is lauded by architects for its unsurpassed flexibility. Not only can steel be fabricated into custom, non-linear shapes to adhere to the creative flair of designers and architects, but its impressive strength to weight ratio means it is able to span large distances while still maintaining its structural integrity.

Natural Aesthetics

Steel sits at the apex of modern design. Unlike many other structural elements of a building, the natural aesthetic appeal of steel is embraced by designers rather than deplored. Many architects and designers opt to expose structural steel elements rather than cover them up. Steel also pairs nicely with other modern architectural elements like glass and concrete.


Structural steel is an incredibly efficient material for engineers to work with. For example, a standard load-bearing steel beam occupies 75% less floor space than an equivalent concrete column. Furthermore, the strength-to-weight ratio of steel reduces the need for intermediate columns in large spaces. This is particularly important for larger spaces like offices or atriums where freedom of space is desired.

The Aesthetic Benefits of Structural Steel


That natural aesthetic appeal of steel we spoke of before is also highly durable. It is in every builder’s interest to build structures that will last. Not only can steel stand up to everything from high winds and rain to fire and earthquakes, but termites and other boring insects are no threat to it either. Steel won’t crack, warp, twist, split or rot, it can be designed to resist rust and vandals. For this reason many manufacturers offer warranties that span decades with absolute confidence.


For many of the reasons above, structural steel will save you money in the long run. It last much longer than wood, it is more efficient meaning it requires less outlay for raw materials, it requires none of the costly maintenance and will even save you money on your home insurance. This means that you can spend your money on more important things like fit-outs, furniture and other aesthetic enhancements.

Structural steel is ubiquitous in construction and building, and there’s a good reason why. If you need a  steel supplier or just some professional advice, get a steel quote from us or talk to the experts at Steel Fabrication Services, because no one knows steel like we do.


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