Carpet Removal and Disposal

Carpet is an excellent addition to any home. It is warm and inviting and can be a great way to cover up ugly tiles or floorboards. It is also a great sound absorber, which is very useful in apartments where reflections from bare floors can be very noisy.

Carpet also absorbs dust particles and allergens, as well as dirt and pollen. While this is a good for the most part, it is also usually the reason that carpets need to be removed: they eventually get very grimy.

Carpet removal and disposal is tricky business. A roll of carpet or a rug is actually very heavy and awkward to carry, and without a truck or van, it can be near impossible to get rid off.

Sydney Rubbish Services are experts in rubbish removal, and getting rid of your old carpet is all too easy for our efficient team. If you’re in need of carpet removal or disposal from your home, office or retail space, give us a call today!

What Are The Different Kinds of Carpet?

Carpet disposal and removal is tough, no matter the circumstances. However, some types of carpet are harder to remove than others. Here is a quick rundown of the different carpet styles common in buildings across Sydney:

Cut pile carpet is made by cutting the yarn off at the top giving them a ‘fluffy’, more luxurious feel: 

Plush pile – Plush pile carpet is short and well trimmed with an upright finish that makes is look quite formal. The pile is short and ‘twisted’. It is sometimes called velvet or velour carpet.

Saxony – Saxony carpet is smooth and luxurious. The pile height is higher than plush pile and is more twisted which gives the carpet more body. This can make it heavier overall.

Frieze – Frieze carpet has less formal, more ‘shaggy’ appearance than the others, with loose, long pile. The pile can be short or long (known as shag pile) and it is a little more durable than other carpet types.

Cut Pile Twist – Cut pile twist carpet is very soft, and is more textured than other carpet types. It is also hardwearing and is commonly found in apartments.

Loop pile carpet is made by looping the pile in giving them a tough, hard-wearing look and feel:

Level Loop Pile – Level loop pile carpet uses a tight, simple loop. This carpet is hard-wearing and suitable for high traffic areas (commercial spaces like offices, or schools).

Multi Level Loop Pile – Multi level loop carpet uses loops of different types giving it a textured look. Commonly found in most luxurious spaces that require hard-wearing floors (offices or lobbies).

Sisal – Sisal carpet has a textured loop pile with straight rows to provide different patterns.

Berber – Berber carpet has a thicker loop pile with different shade loops to give a textured look. These are very hard-wearing and are commonly found in commerical spaces.

carpet removal and disposal

Rubbish Removal Hire vs Skip Bin Hire

Skip bin removal is extremely inefficient and it can take weeks for that bulky, rusted bin to be removed from your house, office or retail space. Immediate removal in the best option!

Removing old carpet will mean that tattered material will be sitting out in front of your house for weeks. A skip bin is the perfect habitat for rodents and insects and can expose you, your family, employees or patrons to serious health risks.

Sydney Rubbish Services are experts at removing any kind of waste you throw at us. Don’t consider carrying all that carpet from the house to a skip bin yourself. It’s tough work. Forget risking hurting your back carrying carpet to a skip, we are the middle men you need – and we can handle any job you throw at us with ease.


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