White Goods Removal Sydney

White goods are amongst the hardest household rubbish items to get rid of. They are also one of the most common that we deal with everyday. White goods removal requires a few sets of hands and a good sturdy truck – if you’re in need of either give Sydney Rubbish Services a call. We’ll be glad to help.



Getting rid of a fridge is an awkward, difficult task. Despite them being very bulky, fridge disposal is strictly regulated by councils across Sydney. Dumping is illegal and pickup services are unreliable at best.

While there are fridge recycle facilities around Sydney they are few and far between. Without a ute or van and a few sets of hands, disposing of a fridge at these locations will be very difficult. You are much better of giving a rubbish removal team like Sydney Rubbish Services a call. We’ll take care of everything – no stress.

Fridges we accept include:

Top Freezer – These are the most common types we come across in fridge removal. On this type of fridge, the freezer portion is mounted on top of the fridge and usually takes up about a third of the total fridge volume.

Bottom Freezer – This style is the exact opposite of the above, where the freezer potion sits below the fridge. These fridges can be a little heavier than top freezer models and can be tricker to move.

Side-By-Side – On these models, the fridge and freezer sides are more equal in size (though the fridge side is usually a touch bigger). These contain extras can be very bulky and hard to get rid of!

French Door – These fridges combine the benefits of both the bottom freezer type fridge and side-by-side style. Again, these usually contain add-ons like ice and water dispensers and they also have adjustable shelves, and are usually the heaviest models and the hardest to remove.

Compact Fridges and Wine Coolers – These are compact, miniature fridges – often called bar fridges. They are also ideal for small rooms and offices. Most compact refrigerators have only a ver small freezer capacity, or none at all.

Wine coolers are similar in size to compact fridges, however, feature glass doors and racks made specifically for storing wine. Deluxe models can offer digital temperature regulation to maintain the optimal drinking temperature for red, white and sparkling wines. While most are the size of a compact fridge, there are also full-sized options avaliable and even larger custom models. These are very tough to get rid of and because they feature glass doors, can be quite dangerous!

fridge removal

Dryers and Washing Machines

Much like fridges, dryers and washing machines are bulky and difficult to get rid of. These kinds of items are actually very recyclable too. Sydney Rubbish Services are always eco-conscious and every item we pick up we make sure is disposed of responsibly.

White goods take up an enormous amount of room in your home, so immediate disposal is necessary, especially if you are replacing the old with the new. Don’t place any more stress on yourself by cluttering up your home or business. Get rid of your white goods immediately!

Types of dryers and washing machines we accept:

Front-loader – These washing machines contain the door on the front. They generally have a greater capacity and are much heavier due to the weights required to hold the machine down.

Top-loader – These washing machines contain the door on top. They are generally a bit cheaper and more nimble machines.

Heat pump dryer – These dryers use a heat pump to dry clothes. They are more energy efficient and resilient than other dryer types. No venting is required.

Condenser dryer – These dryers condense the moisture inside the dryer into water then pump it into a water tank or through an external hose. No venting is required.

Sensor dryer – These are more advance dryers that finish drying when a sensor reads that the clothes are done. They are more expensive than standard dryers.

Vented dryer – The classic dryer, blows hot air through the clothes which evaporates the moisture. The hot, humid air is then blown out via a venting duct.

white goods removal

Other White Goods

Sydney Rubbish Services have over a decade of experience in white goods removal. We’ll gladly take care of any of the following with ease:

• Freezers chests

• Dishwashers

• Ovens

• Microwaves

• AC units

Commercial appliances

Don’t even think about lifting a finger for white goods removal in Sydney. Our fast and efficient team can take care of any job, no matter how big or small.

Give us a call today for a quote! You won’t be disappointed.


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