Finger Exercises

What Might Finger Exercises Be For?

Finger exercises can be used for many reasons including:

• Maintain movement of the joints

• Ensure adequate gliding of muscles and ligaments

• Strengthen and stabilise the hands

• Prevent deformity and contracture

• Reduce pain and inflammation

• Improve function

Finger Exercises

There are many reason that you may be thinking about exercises for your fingers. A number of conditions may cause pain, or reduced function or movement including trigger finger, cubital tunnel syndrome, dupuytren’s contracture, mallet finger or a broken finger.

It is important you contact your hand therapist promptly after injury or if you are developing a condition for treatment. Here are some finger excercises you can easily manage at home too.


Tendon Gliding Exercises


Blocking Exercises


Strengthening Exercises


If you have any questions regarding managing swelling or any issues with your hands, arms or wrist, please don’t hesitate to give us a call here. We’d be more than happy to help.

Click these links for more information on wrist exercisesshoulder exercises, thumb exercises, tendon gliding and elbow exercises.


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