Arm Exercises

Why Do I Need To Do Arm Exercises?

After an injury to your arm, such as a broken wrist, it is important to maintain movement of other joints so they do not become painful and stiff. All exercise regimes are tailored individually to ensure they are appropriate for the injury and needs of the patient.

If you have suffered an injury or have a developed a condition in the arm, please contact our office, so you can make an appointment with one of our Hand Therapists, to work with you, and to get you back to function faster.

Arm Exercises

Some basic arm exercises include:


If you have any questions regarding arm excercises or any issues with your hands, arms or wrists, please don’t hesitate to give us a call here. We’d be more than happy to help.

Click these links for more information on wrist exercisesshoulder exercises, thumb exercises, tendon gliding and elbow exercises.


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