What goes through your mind?

We all have moments where we have a song that gets stuck in our head  – that goes on and on seemingly on repeat –  or a memory that pops up from out of nowhere.  There are reasons why certain songs resonate with us, and why the most obscure memories invade our thoughts. Because every song and memory is a personal message, designed just for you, by you, as an indicator that either everything is great and that there is contentment all round – or that there is a need to work out a better way to deal with a problem or thought pattern that may be potentially leading you down the wrong path. They each have a purpose and are in their own way showing you how to unlock the power of the present moment – leading you to evaluate your current situation and to instil a new awareness and understanding into how you operate.

A happy song, a sad song, or a song that may have slightly more telling lyrics all offer insight into how we are feeling. By using it as a guide, you can come to understand what the song that is stuck in your head is trying to tell you, and go on to instigate change in the area that needs it –  helping you to come to a new understanding of what you really need to do to reach your full potential – to kick old habits to the curb and to rid yourself of anything negative that you may have been harboring without even realising that you were doing it.

Memories, are also designed to teach us – so that we are able to learn from our achievements and mistakes – to see what works for us, and what doesn’t.  If you find that your memories are unpleasant or that you dwell too much on the past with  feelings of regret – it’s an indication that you need to fix the here and now so that you do not fall prey to making the same mistakes again, so that in a years time, you can look back and feel a vast improvement. Because regret is a trap, that offers  little but negativity – and for all intents and purposes should be used as a motivator – to make sure that certain things do not happen again. Regret is something that you can’t hold on to, because it will eventually come to hold you back.  Feeling good about the present moment is where the gold really is. By using the signs that are available to you, you can make the present moment count – by raising awareness and a sense of personal responsiblity,  you can make your life richer and more emotionally satisfying.

Memories provide us with help – in the form – of something that may have worked in the past – that can be used again now in the present moment – its a reminder to use the things from your past that have worked before – tried and tested methods and are also a testament to the things that didn’t work out – and can be looked at as such – a reminder to not go down certain paths again.

If you find your thoughts constantly straying to the past, it is important to take a moment and question why your thoughts are going that way – and what they are trying to tell you. Once you have ascertained what it is, you can take the lesson from the memory – and move forward and go on to change your thought patterns towards the present moment and the near future – because without any thoughts of the near future occupying your mind-set, it is literally impossible to move forward – you will find – that the more you think of the future – and the more that you put into action something that moves you one step closer towards achieving your goals – the closer you will become to fulfilling your dreams and desires. And the less you will find yourself looking back on the past with mixed emotions or regret.

If you take a moment to analyse the next song or memory that pops into your head, you will find hat you will be pleasantly surprised at just how enlightening and useful the information can be.

The present moment is the most powerful one that we have – by listening to what that song or memory in your head is trying to tell you – the better your understanding will be of what you need to do to create better memories and emotional happiness – or even better, a happier more content present.

(not to be confused with songs that we love at the moment – because song choice is a celebration of life – a confirmation and recognition of all the wonderful things that make you who you are, and if you are really happy – it will reflect in your choice of music).

Read more on Tammy Moir’s blog.

Tammy is a psychic medium based in Sydney.


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